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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Going Shopping

Can't wait going on a shop day with my two best friends.

Mom - http://talkingwhitetrash.blogspot.com/ - Who finds the best stuff. And well they say I am mother..

April - who is a full time mother to the cutiest baby boy Wheeler & wife to a youth minstery so she dosn't have alot of time to play by herself. She is a gifted artist. Hope to show off some of her work soon..

So I will be coming back to post all my yummy finds soon.. Stay tune..

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Next day

Next Day


Getting it CUT -

Seems like just yesterday I was meeting Roby for the first time and he brought his 4 year old son to meet me. He was so cute you just wanted to put him on a shelf. We have come along way since then. And this year he starts that 7th GRADE and will be 13 in just two months. WOW. I know no why my mom cried when I graduated from high school and why drop me off at College was such a big deal. Cause time fly with kids and you have no clue of that when they are start there first year of school how fast it will go by.

He has changed so much and grown up so much just in the last two years. And today he made what I think is a big decison for a pre-teen boy. He steped outside his comfort zone and allowed me and my husband full control before his first day of school over something that in the world of middle school can make or break you. STYLE & FASHION.

It started out as what he thought would be a sad day and ended with as always the parents knowing what is best. And lucky for him we have good style.. And we are both not aware of the fast that we are over 30 and need to grow up.

Brandon cut his hair after years of growing and only getting trims he finally let us have complete control and just sat back and let us make all the decissons. And it turn out AWESOME. And he has washed it a total of five times in one day. Which makes up for the years of not taking a bath.

We also played with Parker's hair too..

Friday, August 15, 2008


We moved in March to Roanoke, TX. We are 15 minutes from Grapevine, TX. So with the cost of gas going mad crazy this summer. We opted to do a stay-cation instead of a vacation..

We still ended up driving all over town but we got to see family and friends. And still do family things.

We started are stay-cation on Thursday and I got to plan the day. First we started by going to see The Sisterhood of the Travel Pants 2. My poor hubby was the only man in the theater.. But well worth. After that we head to The Cheese Cake Factory at South lake Town Center to split fried mac & cheese ball and all I can say is OMY GOOSH!!!! YUMMY!!! The we split the 30Th anniversary cheese cake..

Friday was hubby's day. We went to see The Dark Knight. I would say not Heath Ledger's best role but still a loss of a great actor. We then had to kick it in gear and head to Mabank for one of my best friends daughter's 15 birthday dinner which was a two hour drive. We picked up Brandon and head to Mabank. But not before making a stop a the Funky Monkey in Keller, Tx to pick up a gift for her daughter and a anniversary gift for dad to give to mom for there 35Th anniversary on Sunday.

Saturday - Was Brandon's day to pick something to do. Early start pick up Grandma in Oak Cliff then headed to Frisco to meet my husband's cousin and her kids at Ikea. We had breakfast for anyone who has never been to Ikea it is an all day trip. We had 99 cent breakfast what a bargain! Then we set out to make our purchase.
We got our new living room entertainment cabinet.. A rug for the bathroom.. And my mother-in-law got a new buffet for her dinning room..

Then it was off to strikes with all the boys. Guess this was my punishment for the movie.. We bowl then my hubby won my a frog that Parker (my shitzu) now thinks is his new baby.

Then it was back home to rest and relax until tomorrow.

Sunday was my day with my family. We head to mom & dad's (Deb-AKA NANA & Cat Daddy)for a BBQ Anniversary dinner with my brother & his family. Then we hit the snow cone stand. I got a coconut snow cone with vanilla ice cream in the bottom. YUMMY!!!! Roby got black Cherry & Brandon got DP.

Back to work on Monday to some AWESOME NEWS.. I got a promotion at work to Lead of a new unit. So the perfect end to a stay-cation.

Hope I didn't put you to sleep with our trip.

The END..

Sunday, August 3, 2008

PRE- Halloween

Ok so i know we are a good three months away from HALLOWEEN.. But this is my most favoriest holiday of the year and I am ready to get in the mood for it. Just have moved into a new place. I can't wait to scare up new ideas and decorations.. I have already begun shopping at the dollar tree.. Got some cool gargoyles for a $1..
Just felt like put alittle look at Halloween past..