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Sunday, February 28, 2010

1 more day

Till the Bella One year giveaway begins!!!!!!! Don't forget to tell your friends... See you tomorrow

Thursday, February 25, 2010

O...MY... Goosh!!!!

I just noticed Bella's birthday count down is 2 weeks & 1 day.. That means Monday March 1st will start my giveaway.. I have been gathering lots of cute stuff.. So I hope everyone will be back for the 12 days of Bella next week.
This week has been a good week. Monday Bella & I went to stay with Mom while Cat Daddy was out of town working. Got some packages out for our etsy shop and some gifts. Came home on Tuesday to find I myself had got a package. Was so excited. I had won the giveaway from Gypsy Brocante that ROCKED!!! My necklace is so beautiful and personal. If you have not been to her blog you must go check it out along with all her fabulous jewelry. I love my necklace.. She added blue stones for Bella's birthstone with the key that has a letter B on it for Bella. All the details are just wonderful.Hubby has a shower at work. So I have been working on a shower gift for the lucky little girl to be. Every newborn girl need a tutu (still working on that) and a baby bling. Right. This is one of our trashetts necklace (Bella of course has one as well) and a one of a kind onsies bling out. Had to throw in a banner for the new parents. Bella had tons of these while she was in the hospital and I love each one I made for her.

So on to Bella updates she is doing great. Eating and playing. Just an all around happy little girl. This week we let her have a bitter cookie and well she of course loved it. Still no teeth but they are starting to bother her so I know we will see one any time now.

Birthday plans are in the work. We plan to take her on her birthday out to Baylor to see her NICU nurses and bring them cupcakes. What better place to celebrate her life than the place she started at with the people who were there from day one.

We are planing a small Sunday Birthday Brunch with our close family. Very excited about that can't wait..

We will also be setting up on March 20-21 at Fair Park at Buchanan Market. I have not done this show in years. So I hope it will be a fun show. Come check us out. Going to hit up Talking Trash to fill the booth with good junk..

Monday, February 22, 2010

These are the most dangerous animals on the planet

That's right folk a Cat Daddy was spotted at Fair Park Dallas on Sunday and was captured holding one of his trashetts and looking at Junk. Roby was able to capture this rare photograph while he was destracted.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

From Bella

Friday, February 12, 2010

11 Months

Just before we took her out today to see the snow. A short trip out. Me and Bella try not to leave the house on a cold days so she does not have hat, gloves and big coat. So we had to do some improvising. Her big melon head a family trait was able to fit in my hat. Poor thing she doesn't stand a chance going to have a big head like her Uncle (AKA - Oldest Melon Head).. I wrapped a scarf around her to cover her up while Roby made snow balls and threw them at the house. She seemed to enjoy it as much as a 11 months old can enjoy the snow.

AWWW!!!! :0 I only have one more month to plan Bella's 1st birthday. I can't believe it is just a month away. I can't wait, I love to plan a party and to be able to plan a party for my little girl.. I am so excited! And Thankful and blessed.

Not allot to report over the last month. Bella is sitting up longer and longer each day without any support. She loves her vegetables and fruits. Yesterday I got her to drink from a cup not a sippy cut just a regular cup. She seems so fascinated by our cups that I thought why not give it a try. What is the worst that could happen, I have to change her cloths? She did really well actually. Keep more of the juice in her mouth with a regular cup than she does with her sippy cup.
She has OT and doctor apts next week so will be a busy week for us.

This is her new trick. We call it the evil eye. If you don't pay attention to her she gives it to you. It is very funny to us so of course she does it allot to get us to laugh.

Worked on some valentines day projects. Made Bella a valentines.

Stay tune for the Birthday giveaway we have coming in the next month.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sitting Pretty

Bella played with her favorite toy today all by herself..It was a hard work out. She fell a few times but did really well.. Now it is time for a cool refreshing bottle.. :)