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Monday, September 19, 2011

Time Flies

So I was told by my hubby that I have not posted in over a month. So here goes....

Bella has been a busy girl spending her day with ME. Aren't I lucky she likes spending time with her mommy.

We had a pizza party for the daddy's birthday. It was a lot of fun and here is one of the pizza we made.

Bella in her super Bella Cap and petticoat.

Bella posing with momma and baby Ruby. Ruby is a growing little girl already 11lbs at one month.

Got this in the mail, who doesn't' love some Red Neck Glam.. If you don't have some you should get some if you can't get to the show to get one from the original Queen of Duck Tape and Pearls
go check out her blog I bet you can get one shipped to you. I have already worn mine several times.

Loves to sit on top of her daddy while he is on the computer. This is one of her Cheesy Face.

She is turning into a little chatter box repeating everything I say even the bad words. Opps.

She can count to 6 and is starting to learn her letters. Last week we went shopping with Nana and the cart had the words Thank You on it and Bella pointed and said O. She gets her annual with ECI at the end of the month to determine if she is still behind on her development.

Sunday we spent the day playing in the back yard and then finger painting her Pop a happy birthday picture, in case you didn't know her Pop aka Cat Daddy will be celebrate his 60th birthday this Saturday at Zapp Hall Antique show.

To get ready I am sure you read on her Nana's blog her post about getting ready for the show.

Hope we get to see lot you all at the show next weekend.