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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hold on Tight

Bella hit 6 lbs 4 oz last night.

She is doing well on her SiPap machine stay at around 25% on her oxygen. Unless she is mad then she goes up to 30-33%. Much better than she was a few weeks ago. Her Co2 levels have gone down to a much better level and no brady's over the last two weeks. She had an eye exam today. No details on that as of yet. Docs are just going slower this time arond. Which works for us. Don't want to be on the road to going home just to go back to the begining again cause we rushed her. She is holding her paci it is taped to a burp cloth to make it easier for her to hold on to while she is on the SiPap machine. Hard to keep that paci in the mouth with the thing on her nose. And she loves her paci. She also got a new mobile last week and she is really enjoy that.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Late Father's Day

So I am a terrible mother I did not get a single picture of Roby & Brandon on father's day. But this is the most recent pic I have of them together. Brandon has since shaved his hair off. I am sure it will be long again before school start his hair grows really fast.

Unfortunallity they will only alow two of us in the room at at time. So I will have to wait for Bella to come home to get that family picture of the four of us.

Roby with his Bella Girl

Hope everyone had a wonderful father's day. I got Cat Daddy Grandy's. I know it is not fancy but they have been so busy the last few month that going out to dinner just seemed like more work than they really wanted to do. So double steak dinner for Dad. And if you know Cat Daddy than you know he was a happy man with that.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bella Updated

Sorry it has been a busy few weeks.

Bella was put back on the SiPap Machine last week,

We had our meeting with the doctor and he was able to answer alot of our questions and put our mind at easy about what they have been doing and what medication she is getting and what they are for.
Her Co2 levels had been going up on the nasal canulan and he decided Wednesday to not take a chance with her as she has no medical reason for the increase in Co2 other than her under developed lungs. He decided to give her more time to let the lungs develope some more. Wednesday night she was not happy. One of our favorite nurses Lauren said she was mad at her all night. Not like Bella at all.
The first fours days her oxygen was high in the upper 60% but as of tuesday night it has slowly been coming back down to more normal Bella numbers in the 30-35% range. Her Co2 level yesterday was good and had come down alot.
They were talking of putting the tube back in if the numbers did not go down but Praise God he answered our prayers and the doctor said she would not go back on the tube. We will just be taken things slower this time around.
She is now 5lbs 8.8oz, getting feed still every three hours and has been increased to 45CC's at each feeding. They reduced the feeding time to last only an hour. She is starting to show signs of when she is hungry about 30 minutes before she gets her feeding. Which the OT - Christy said that it is a good sign. She has been staying awake through some of her feedings and is busy playing with her hands and her pacy. AS well as her feeding tube. She has been busy pulling it out over the last few days. Which tells me she is start to get back to herself. Keep the nurses busy.
She got a big girl crib last wednesday. And the nurse put her in a sitting up postion this week and she enjoyed that. Once we get her a chair or a boopy she can sit up in that for a little while each day. She really enjoys looking around at everything.
She is smilling a lot more each day. And of course I think she is the cutest baby in the NICU but of course I am the Bella Mamma. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

So Bella Girl

Had to share one of the gifts Bella got this week from one of my good friend (Vicci) who came to visit. I am so lucky I have some really talented friends if not for them I would probably not have some of the cute things I have that I get them to make for me.

Vicci made Bella a few weeks ago her very first tiny Tutu set. It is so cute this week she completed the Tutu & headband set with two new little onesie to go under it, one that has Bella's name on it. The other below says..........

Preemie donna
(pree-mie don-na, adj.)
1. Referring to the "center of attention", a baby ready for the spotlight before her assigned arrival date.

She also made Bella the blankets with her name on them. she is the luckiest little girl in the NICU.

They are the cutest little thing every, I can not wait for her release date so she can wear it home.
Bella is 4 lbs 9 oz, she met with OT today to work on the bottle still not doing so great at it but they will continue to work with her daily getting her ready to take a bottle when she is ready.
Keep the prayer coming they are working.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Bath

Yesterday was Bella's first bath. She did great.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bella graduated on Saturday to the step down unit. We started out great. She took 18cc's on Saturday from a bottle and 10cc's on Sunday. Monday she had a hick-up with the bottle and couldn't take a drop without her oxygen drop and getting chocked. The doctor has decided to hold off feeding her with a bottle till next week sometime. Please say a pray the bottle is the big go home goal to make. She must take 8 bottles in one day to be able to go home. They are still very positive about her and everything is still going well for her. God still continues to bless us everyday with her. She is now 4lbs 7 oz. and still growing strong everyday.

We get to give her a bath today for the first time.

Thank you all for the donations. We are truly blessed for the great people we have in our life's and have been our support over the last few months. I hope everyone enjoys what they won. It all was such great stuff.