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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bella graduated on Saturday to the step down unit. We started out great. She took 18cc's on Saturday from a bottle and 10cc's on Sunday. Monday she had a hick-up with the bottle and couldn't take a drop without her oxygen drop and getting chocked. The doctor has decided to hold off feeding her with a bottle till next week sometime. Please say a pray the bottle is the big go home goal to make. She must take 8 bottles in one day to be able to go home. They are still very positive about her and everything is still going well for her. God still continues to bless us everyday with her. She is now 4lbs 7 oz. and still growing strong everyday.

We get to give her a bath today for the first time.

Thank you all for the donations. We are truly blessed for the great people we have in our life's and have been our support over the last few months. I hope everyone enjoys what they won. It all was such great stuff.


trash talk said...

I just want to kiss that face all over!

delighted heart said...

OhMYGosh...is that just not the cutest little face! I swear she looks just like her grandma! She'll be talking trash before you know it! Give her another day or so and she'll be taking that bottle...sucking it down and tossing it to you! She's going home soon!
Bless ya'll!

Tamis said...

I found you through your Mom and have been anxiously watching your story. I pray your little one is home soon. Keeping you from getting your beauty sleep, Making more dirty laundry then the rest of you and making everyone in your house smile in adoration. You my dear will be holding a miracle.

Incidentally, my son was 4lb 9 oz when he was born, looking at her picture is amazing. How quickly you forget they were ever that small! Take a ton of pictures. You will be so happy you did!

Anonymous said...