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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy Days

Bella is 25 months She is still slow at talking but continues to add words everyday. and has begun to put words together in sentences New Words this Month: No potty do it I Mine OK away Together: I do it I done She is still the easiest baby and now the easiest toddler..As I say how easy she is she is having her a meltdown cause her daddy just left. She does have a bit of of separation issues from us but I think there are worse things my sweet girls could cry over than us leaving her. We have no idea why we are so blessed but hope we never forget how blessed we are. So my best friend is pregnant and we are so excited she is having a little girl. She already has a little man named Wheeler he is Bella future hubs if we have anything to do with it. She has him wrapped around her finger he is an older man of 4 years. I only hope Bella Marie and Ruby Marie are as close as me and April and will be BF's for 30 years. So with that exciting event time to plan a Baby Shower and I love to plan a party. I have been out searching blogs and the Internet for ideas and hope to share some of the stuff I have found out on some really great blogs the last few weeks. Just a few ideas I found. Aren't they fun makes me want to have several showers for her. But time does not allow for that someone else has a big important party coming up too and I must focus on that not everyday the talking trash turns...... 60 that's right folks she will be 60 next month I know she does not look a day over 30 and that must make me a teenager too right. ;) I love the crayons this would be fun at a teacher's shower; my BF also loves to color so I thought of her when I saw it. Not to mention it looks cheap and easy to recreate.
This is so cute.. Love the baby onsies above.
Is this not the sweetest picture of the two of them.

I was pregnant with Bella.

Bella loves her Aunt April and Uncle Shawn (that's the BFH - Best Friend Husband)
Wheeler didn't want Bella to lay down by herself so he laid down even thought he was not tired, I tell you that is son-in-law material right there already putting my little girl's needs first.
I think she had him from the beginning. This was the first time they met.