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Thursday, October 21, 2010

15 and couting

WOW what a change in just a year.
Brandon and Bella at his birthday Party on Sunday with his friends.

He is such a good big brother.

Brandon and all his friends!

They grow up way to fast, our little guy turned 15 yesterday. Took him to Cheesecake Factory, which seems to be our choice for birthday's this year. We went in August for Roby's and October for mine and now again in October for Brandon's. Had a good time. Brandon is such a great kid I met Roby when Brandon was 4 and celebrated his birthday for the first time when he was 5. I can still tell you what I got him for his birthday. A pair of doc martin boots, Pole Jeans and a Pole shirt. I didn't know back then that kids don't really want cloths for there birthday but trust me I have learned over the years. He has become one of my favorite people to buy for even thought he is hard as hell to buy for. And has zero emotion so if you get some out of him you know that you have hit a home run.. This make him all that more fun to buy for. Only other way to get him to smile put his dad in front of him or Bella. Those two make him light up like a Christmas tree. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Did someone say CAKE!

Yesterday was my birthday, I can't believe I am 35 I am only 5 years away from 40 that just seems CRAZY! This month is a busy birthday month for us. Brandon will be 15 on the 20th. It is our PARTY month. He is going to be able to drive(with an one of us in the car) in a month. That does not seem possible at all.

Started my birthday fun on Monday with Roby. We have not been to the movies in over a year. So we both took off work and took Bella to daycare and off to the movies we went. We saw It's Kind of a Funny Story, cute movie. Then we headed next door for lunch at Cheese Cake Factory. I took one look at this chocolate cake, Reese peanut butter cup cheese cake and thought SALAD! Had to make sure I had room for it. So I had a nice side salad and a small fried cheese appetizer to save room and still had to take some home with me. Roby had his usually meatloaf (lunch size) and banana cream cheese cake with a cup of coffee. It was a nice stress free relaxing day with no diaper bag. LOL

Bella and I spent the day with Nana going to lunch and then shopping. After that we went to watch Miss Graycie perform her Halloween Rock Show at school. Bella was busy trying to play with the 6th grade girls like a big girl. I think she enjoyed her day but was exhausted when we got home and only wanted her momma.

Yesterday 10/12/2010 Bella turned 19 months. This time last year we had regular monthly doctor visits, machines and O2 attached to us and breathing treatments and medicine twice a day. WOW allot has changed in a year. Now at 19 months we are free of all machines and meds. Bella went to the doctor last month and does not go back again till Dec. We had very little contact with the outside world last year and now she gets to be around family and friends providing they are not sick. :)

Let's see what can she do since last month:
She can walk, she has to take a break but she would rather walk than crawl. 10/12/2010 she said Parker of course her first word other than momma and Dada would be PARKER, she loves that dog.
She has cut two more teeth one on each side in the on top in the back. These caused a bit more crankiness than the first 6 teeth but still she cut them with very little issues. She amazes me everyday at just how happy a baby she is.
She has become a bit clingy to mommy the last few weeks.
She got her first bump on her head but we survived. I say we cause I think mom and dad were more upset than she was. Once she saw Brother everything was good. Lucky her bangs cover it up.

She had a cold this month but started medicine and got it all cleared up fast before it turned into something worse. So just a few days down and then she was back to her normal self.

Got some musical instruments this month, her own drum and drum sticks that are small for her hands. She loves music, her favorite show to watch is dancing with the star when they are doing fast numbers. She goes crazy and tries to dance around.

Can sign more, milk and ball. Really understands ball. Will sign it and go get the ball. I was really excited about this one since she doesn't really mean more when she does it. She really means done. LOL.