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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bella Girl

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 17:8

I just was reading Witt's blogg as I try to daily for inspiration and found this verse and felt like that is exactly what God has been doing for us as we have been on this journey. And wanted to share with you how Great God is. Bella has had a busy week and it is only Wednesday. Won't go into the medical details will just share her picture with you and let you see for yourself how great she is doing!!! Hard to believe that little more than 11 weeks ago the NICU doctors gave us all the reasons not to put her on the ventilator. One being that we might never hold her alive. I am so grateful for everyday I have had to just sit and look at her. And now I am more grateful for everyday I hold her a little longer and everyday that we have added that we are both holding her in the same day. She may be tiny but her spirit is strong. Along with her determination to be ahead. She is constantly ahead of ever goal they keep setting for her.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Face

Bella hit 3lbs 11 oz on Sunday! She is getting a full ounce of milk ever three hours. And is 16 inches long. The C-pap machine in on her nose and get changed during the day from two different things, which means we get to see her little face with nothing on it but a feeding tube. Which she loves to pull out and drive the nurses crazy! She is doing great with her paci really getting the sucking motion down.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

9 to 5

Sorry for the delay in post new pictures of my Bella Girl, I am back at work.

She has been really busy move the last few days. She has pushed herself up lifting and holding up her head yesterday. Due to all the movement she has been slow with her weight gain since my last post she has been burn some calories trying to get the tube out. And she has succeed once with no help from the nurses or doctor at 1:00 am and now today with the help of her nurse and doctor. She has been changed to the C-PAP machine. It is not as bad as it looks. The head gear is to hold the oxygen on her tiny little nose so she does not pull it off. As you may know she loves to pull her oxygen off. She is doing great the new machine will give her 10 breaths a minute as opposed to the 35 plus that the previous machine was given her. She is at about 25-30% oxygen. She has also begun to suck her pacifier.

She is 3 lbs 8 oz.

For those who have not been introduce to my two favorite guys, just wanted to included a pic. My hubby Roby and my son Brandon. Bella is one lucky little girl she will have the two of them wrapped around her little finger. ;)

This is the new machine she is now on.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Bella is getting bigger everyday. She measured 14 inches on Sunday. She hit 3lbs 5 ounces (1510 grams)today. Monday night she decided she wanted her tube out at 1:00am so she pulled it out. They put it back in without any problems.

We spent mother's day in the morning with our mother's. We both are lucky to be blessed with great mother's that love us so much. After our day with our mothers we meet at the hospital to spend the rest of the day with our little Bella Girl.

Mother's Day 2008

Roby & Mary don't let me take pictures of them together so had to find a picture of her with something else that makes her just as happy as her boys & her grandchildren. Mary loves her Cowboys.

Daddy held Bella on Saturday for the first time.

Hope everyone had a great mother's day weekend. Happy Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Beautiful Little Girl

Bella is doing great she hit 3lbs 2 oz and will be 2 months on Monday the 12th.. WOW time goes by.. The doctor will be starting her on Decadron a steroid to prepare for extubation(pulling the tube) over the next 10 days. She will then go to the c-pap more than likely.. She loves her kangaroo cuddle time with mommy and Daddy plans to hold her today for the first time.. Right now we are limited to 2 hours in a 12 hour period and due to the amount that goes into them putting on her on us to hold only one of us has been able to hold her and Roby has been given me the time..

They have also increased her milk to 25cc's almost a full ounce.. What can we say she loves to eat.. ;P

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Exciting Weekend

Friday was a busy day for Miss Bella she moved rooms and was moved off the high power jet-ventilator. She is now on a lower ventilator.. On Saturday I got to hold my baby Bella for the first time.. It was amazing. She is so light and tiny. Her little toe cat danced on my tummy the whole time.. Such a blessing.. Now we get to hold her everyday for at least 45 minute to an hour. Right now we are not holding her more than that just to keep from over stimulate her.. Daddy also began playing her music while I am holding her and she seems to enjoy the music..

She hit 2lbs 13 oz (sunday).. And Yes Misty M2 she is offically a member of the Bow Head Club. We arrived on Sunday to see her with big bow on her head that her night nurse had made for her. We think she is the cutiest little baby girl in the NICU but of course we are the mommy and daddy..