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Monday, January 26, 2009


So I just went on Sunday and offically got my first Maternity cloths.. I am offically 4 months along..

First I must say for all the moms who's bebe's are toddlers and you still put on the matternity jeans.. I totally completly 100% understand now.. I have never been in jeans that are so comfortable.

As for the BBW's AKA Fat Girl I just have to say What the !! Why have we had to stuff ourselves into jeans that button when the solution is so simple. Why can't the BBW's get a belly front for jeans.. IT is the BEST..

And I LOVE the Maternity store.. They treat you so nice when you come in cause well everyone in the store has a big tummy so you don't have to stand out as the big plus size girl with all the little people..

And hubby's you should go they have a big screen TV with the football game on.. Now if that isn't just right for the mom to be.. HE will have no clue what you spend.. ;)

So far love the PG .. Except for I feel like a walking medicine cabnet with all the drugs I carry with me..

More to come ..
Due Date July 4, 2009..

Baby Sex - 6 more weeks.. Please leave guess..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dog Days

This is Parker my first baby...

"Has anyone seen my pain pills, I think my parents have hid my pain pills it is almost 7:00 and time for me a pill.."

My first baby Parker had to have surgery today on his little paw he broke a toe nail.. Ouch you women know how that feels.. He is doing good he just pulls the foot up and goes all over the house.. Animals are such amasing patients.. We would have to take a week off to recover..

Just wanted to share our day at the vet!!! All the staff and vet at the Roanoke Animal Hospital did a great job..

Monday, January 12, 2009

Boom's 13th Birthday

Finally room and birthday pics.. I can't believe it is January and I am just now getting to October pictures.. That is just crazy..

Completed Work

April painting the walls (My best friend and a great painter)

Before we got to work

Brandon at his birthday Party

His Friends after he finally got to see his room..

Saddly I have a camera full of pics from October to December.. I know I missed all the major holidays..

But it has been a CRAZY few months.. Started with October 23rd.. WE found out we are expecting.. I am offically 4 months this week...

So I hope to post lots more updates as the pregancy progresses.. Please visit for up to date information.. Well maybe not up to date..