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Monday, January 12, 2009

Boom's 13th Birthday

Finally room and birthday pics.. I can't believe it is January and I am just now getting to October pictures.. That is just crazy..

Completed Work

April painting the walls (My best friend and a great painter)

Before we got to work

Brandon at his birthday Party

His Friends after he finally got to see his room..

Saddly I have a camera full of pics from October to December.. I know I missed all the major holidays..

But it has been a CRAZY few months.. Started with October 23rd.. WE found out we are expecting.. I am offically 4 months this week...

So I hope to post lots more updates as the pregancy progresses.. Please visit for up to date information.. Well maybe not up to date..


trash talk said...

Now maybe people will believe me and not think I just made you up, my little incubator!!! People, people, people, looky, looky, this is my daughter!. She's alive. Tn'T


Hey there.

Congrats on your pregnacy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love new company!! A Texan, huh? I'm orginially from San Antonio, by living in VA now. It's always good to met another Texas.
My daughter would kill to have a room that dark...it looks awesome.

I hope you are having a wonderful new years...come back anytime.


PS.. I love your blogbanner!!!