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Friday, September 18, 2009

Nana's House

Long hard week working at Nana's to help get ready for Zapp, Bella was such a big help for Nana's break time. But she couldn't hang all day don't worry it won't take us long to get her broke in and trained to be the best little trashette.
And for those who have never shop with my parents you are missing some great stuff. I try my best not to slip the best stuff in my car but I do manage to slip a few things passed them for my house. But with the trailer loaded to the top and things hang off the truck I am sure there will be plenty for everyone.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life at Home

My Hubby has been on me for not keep life with Bella updated, he says he needs new pictures to look at while he is at work... Sorry can't seem to pull myself away from her side. She has been to the doc four times since coming home. Weight gain was slow at first but no loss of weight so that is good. As of last thursday she was 9 lbs 7oz. The doc was happy with the weight gain and decided she could be moved down on her oxygen a to 1/16 and we don't have to go back this week. Still probably looking at a month at least on the oxygen next appointment is in two weeks. She will get her shots again and her 6 month well baby. :0 Can't not believe it has been six months already. Does not seem like that much time has passed. She is doing really well and is a really good baby. She sleeps 6 hours a night. We think that ROCKS!

She has made a few trips to Nana's she helps us with the doctor apts since dad has gone back to work.

And Bella would like Nana to help her get that big bow off her head.

And a trip to Winnie & Tulula's while the dogs went to the groomer. Can you believe we didn't take a camera. What kind of mother and nana are we. Trust me Cat Daddy got on to us when we got home. First for taken her out and second for not at least taken a picture of her first junk trip. Shh don't tell her daddy but we hope to make a junkier out of her someday.

This was last week, she woke me up by screaming at the top of her little lungs. She had pulled all the stuff off that holds the oxygen tubs on. And I can only imagine how bad this must have hurt. But apparently not enough to keep her from doing it again today.

For now that is all the updates I have on life at Home. Thanks for stoping by will try to do a better job with the updates.