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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Early Mother's Day

Today is the oldest Melon Head Birthday, that lead me to realise that two years ago on May 2, 2009 I held my baby girl for the first time, with mother's day just around the bend it made me stop and be greatful and thankful. Just wanted to say thank you again to everyone who prayed for us during that time and to remember how Great our God is and how lucky we are to serve an awesome God. Allot has happened in two years and it is just been one wonderful journey to be on. I can't begin to say how much I love Bella and how much joy she brings us everyday. She is such a happy little girl to be around and has so much love to give us. It is all the little things she does that bring a smile to my face. I love our time in the morning when we fight to get that little pony tail in her hair and she grrs at me yes she hates it but trust me she loves the attention she gets when it is in. I even still love to change her diapers even the dirty ones still; but I love it more when she goes in the potty. I hate when I am away from her and can't wait to be back with her. She is getting so big and more independent as she grows but I hope she always needs me the way I need my mom.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy mother's day.

She is hard at work.... She loves to play a peek-a-boo game on the computer I know crazy computer games for infants.
This is what she does when mommy is away and daddy is in charge.
Time Out.. LOL