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Monday, August 15, 2011


I have been best friends with April since we were 5 years old. After 30 years of being friend we really don't consider ourselves just best friend we are more like sisters. I am not sure what we would do without each other. We know each others good and bad. Not anything we don't know about each other. So when I told her that I could understand why her mom wanted to be in the room when she had her baby and that if I could I would be in there too she of course being the good BFF went to her hubby and asked if me and her mom could be in the room. I don't think he wanted us in the room but I think in the end he was happy with giving in to her request.

I did the video and then 45 minutes in baby was crowning and Dr. Matthews(he delivered Bella too) was ready to bring baby in the world. Well not exactly Ruby Marie was coming even if no one else was ready no pushing nothing she was coming. The whole process was so fast and it was so amazing to watch this beautiful sweet baby girl come out and be placed on her mommy. I am so grateful to have been allowed to experience this with my best friend and her family.

Bella meet Miss Ruby last night. Bella had on her party dress to go see her new BFF and she really wanted to hold her. It was so cute how she kept touching Ruby's check and hand. And saying baby.

Big Brother meeting Ruby Marie Ranford, she weight 9lbs 19 1/2 inches long, she looks just like her big brother.

This is April and Wheeler after we brought Bella home two years ago this month.
Bella waiting for her turn with Ruby.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dinner Time

So last night's dinner homemade beef pot pie. I was shocked at how easy it was to make pie crust I don't know if I will ever buy store pie crust again. It came out so light and flaky and just the right amount of butter taste. It wasn't a pretty pie crust but it was tasty.

Today I am trying my hand at making pulled pork enchilada's and we will be eat it with the left over frozen beans from last week and rice.

Now on to Bella Friday she will be getting a review to see if she will test out of speech therapy, the OT for her food therapy has only come one time so far but I have seen a big improvement in her eating. Don't know if this is because of the therapy or if just having someone reassure me I am doing things right has made me less stressed at dinner time and Bella is just picking up on me. Who knows all I know is I am happy she is trying new things and not gagging on them.