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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

18 Months and Stepping

So hard to believe but Brandon is the one smiling in the picture and not Bella. And on another note our little man will be turning 15 next month. :0 He will be starting driver's ed that is right people we will have one walking and one driving.

Bella has been a busy girl the last few weeks. She started at an at home daycare with two other kids. She is doing great loving it and adjusting to the changes well. Since August 16th she has put on 1 lbs as of 9/18/2010 now weight in at 18lbs 2.9 oz. She had her development apt 9/8/201 with Dr. Suterwala, MD (her NICU Doctor) he said she is first of just beautiful and she is doing great. She is range between a 12-16 month so right on track and a little a head with her corrected age in some areas. He looks for her to be caught up by her second birthday. :0 His only concern not walking but she took care of that before the end of the week. She will be starting speech therapy finished with her OT they felt she was on a good track and didn't need it anymore. I asked for Speech Therapy just to give us suggestions on ways to help her because she falls under 18 months on the development range they said she still gets services from ECI for some kind of therapy and at this point as well as she is doing it is more of what we would want help with than what she really needs help in. I felt help with speech is an area that can't hurt.

She can:
Stand from a sitting position on the floor
Stand for long periods of time with no support
Pull to a stand
Eats lots more solid foods and still a jar of fruit a day.
Said Dogie but only once.
Took 7 steps on 9/9/2010
Took 12 steps on 9/12/2010 - 18 months that day.
Loves to play the drums, brother shared one of his drums and a set of sticks. Will be needing to do a Dear Santa Pop for a set of Pink Drums for Christmas. ;)
6 teeth
Cloths are around 12-18 months but can still fight in some of the 6 months and a few 24 months.
Loves to play "where she go" with her blanket and anything else she can put over her head and cover her face with.
She had her first McD's Nuggets, I know I said I wouldn't do it but she really like them, not giving in to the fries just yet still holding my ground on that one. she gets a nugget happy meal with apples and Carmel sauce that she thinks is a real treat for her. She has tried a PB&J with the crust cut off as well this month.
We tried crayons and well she is not sure what to do with them. They don't do anything that makes sound so why bother, she just picked it up and looked at it then gave it back to me like OK mom bored now. LOL

Bella also figured out how to get under a cabinet I painted for her room; it was in the kitchen before it made its way back to her room and while on daddy's watch she found her way under it. Of course he had to take a picture before helping her out from under it.

We head to Zapp on Saturday to see all our Blogger friends at Sweet T's Blog party with Nana and Cat Daddy.


testing the new phone before we leave for zapp on saturday.
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