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Friday, August 14, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tutu Cute

We have a release date for Saturday. I always knew she would be come home it was just a matter of when. We always knew God would send our sweet girl home to us in his own time. And now she is set for Saturday. We will room-in again on Friday with her and her equipment she will be come home on oxygen and then the following day will be discharge day.
The whole family is busy working on all the to do's to get ready for her arival. Me working on the most important to do her coming home Tutu. This is just a small work in progress not finished yet.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back at Home

We made it. Completed our class we are on the road to Bella's release date anytime. Meet with one of her docs today. He said she is doing great right on track with how he wants her to progress. He is going to continue to nipple feed her at ever feeding and keep working to possible get the oxygen off or just down to a minimal for her release.
At that point we head to nana to pick up my first baby Parker who was spending the night with Jake. And then home ate some Pizza and crashed. LOL.

If every parent could have the little on layaway for 5 month sure would make transition into parent hood alot easier. I feel like I have been at a very expensive private parenting school for the last 5 month. And am so thankful for it. I have a whole new respect for all the mother's out there. I can't imagine how hard it must be to go through hours of labor and delivery and then to be habded a baby to take care of.


We made it through the night. Bella is taking her morning feed now. Mom and Dad have been able to catch a few Z's. The NICU nurse will be coming shortly to take her back to from her fabulous vacation. She did well, although she did not take all of her feeds, she did have an extra helping at her first feed so it kinda evened out. Once Bella is back in her room we will start getting ready to go take our class on CPR & Discharge. Hold on there, she is not coming home just yet. This was only a trial run. Although I think we were auditioning for Bella and not the other way around. I think we got the lead parts though. She still has maybe 1 to 2 more weeks here as they try to ween her from the oxygen and gets her feeds to maximum. We are signing off and hope you enjoyed our sleep-in as much as we did. I need a nap!

it's 3:50 AM

So Bella does not like to sleep on her back. Cranky girl wants to only sleep on her tummy and would prefer it be on her tummy on mommy or daddy. But we are trying not to be good and flow the rules as much as possible. So it is daddy turn for the feeding she is slow but what do you except when all she has had to do for the last 4 months is lay in bed like a little diva and have her food come ever three hours.
Aww the life. We hope this feeding is a success her last one she took a quick amount of 40cc's but then was done just as fast as she was taken it. All a learning process for us and her.

2nd feeding going smoother than the first..

After about 3 hours of listening to Bella make noises and fight going to sleep her next feeding time came up. She is taking it like a champ and starting to get sleepy. Jenn and I are also struggling to stay awke at this point. Hopefully once her tummy gets full this time she'll go down like the Titanic, then Rose and I can drift off into the ocean on our piece of drift wood. That is until she awakens again. Don't let go Rose....