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Friday, August 20, 2010

Pool Side

Can some please get this hat off my head.

Bella loves to take a bath, but not so sure she loves the pool. The jury is still out on that one.
Just thought I would share some newer pictures of her. But she does wear her sunglasses but only in the pool she won't wear them in the car.
She now has five teeth, is standing on her own, has not decided to take that big first step just yet she is a girl who likes to take her time. Next month she has development apt with her NICU Pedi, her OT 6 month check, her first dentist apt (not sure people realise but preemies sometimes have issues with there teeth coming in from the gums being tough) and her 18 months check up. That right I said 18 months I have been blogging about my little miss for 18 months can you believe it.
School starts next week our big kid will be heading to High School. WOW can't believe when Roby and I started dating Brandon was not even in school. 18 years seemed like forever and now we are just four years away from Graduation. I have had the pleasure of seeing him graduate from pre-school, kindergarten, elementary school and well you know when it is middle school no big hoopla and now he will be a freshman. Sounds crazy I forget sometimes he is not 4 years old playing with action figures. Although I do have to say Bella's beach balls do keep ending up in his room; I don't think he is as grown up as he thinks he is. Lucky for him she will keep him young a little bit longer. He is such a blessing to have for a step-son. I really do need to scan some pictures of him when he was younger so you can all see what a doll baby he was just like his little sister. You just wanted to put him on a shelf he was so darn cute.
So hope you all enjoy the tax free weekend. Good luck with the school supplies and school cloths shopping.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Bella has been home with us for 1 year as of yesterday. I can't believe how fast the year has gone by. It has been the best year we have had so much fun being parents to our little miss. She is such a little helper we just moved a few weeks ago into a new house so we have been busy unpacking and Bella decided to give me a hand on Friday.

We both just look at her all the time and can't believe how blessed we are. She really is such a good baby. She loves to spend hours playing with her toys and is so happy.

So lets get some updates on Bella. Our little 15 oz baby is probably around 19lbs now at least. She is wearing 13 month cloths. We went to the doctor at 15 months and she does not go back till her 18 month apt. She cut 2 teeth months ago and I thought she would never get anymore. But nope last week I noticed a little something white on top and she had cut a top tooth. Was so excited then the next day I realized she was actually in the process of cutting four teeth on top. :0 (This is just an example of how easy a baby she is) She is not cranky nothing we didn't even know she had cut the teeth. At this point I began crying just at how much she has done and realize how different our lives would have been had we done what the doctors wanted. How she has continues to grow and develope just in God perfect time. Everything the doctors said she would never do.

She is still not walking but has started letting go and standing for about a minute with no help. Specially if she is excited about something.

She is eatting more and more solid food. I know once the four teeth completly come in she will really want more solid foods. And after about 12 sippy cups we have finally found one she likes. She likes a straw and does really well drinking out of one. I don't know about anyone else but the sippy cup selection overwhelem me. So glad we found one she likes.
No new words just allot of babble.

After working hard on Friday helping me unpack we need some time to relax and unwind in the pool.

Hope all are having a great summer, kids will be straiting school in a few weeks. Our big kid will be heading to HIGH SCHOOL!!! WISH US LUCK! LOL