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Friday, October 30, 2009

This Week In Bella Land

No docrtors apts this week. Yippy!!! Been an almost normal week just the two of us by day and then daddy comes home to take over for play time.

Big news to report:
She is really pushing up and trying to get on her knees and arms up at the same time. I know this is not a good thing for me.
She held her bottle several times, not for long periods of time but still held it and seems to be eagar to hold it. She just hasn't got the cordination down just yet to hold it for very long.

Will update as we have more. We have two apts next week. One with ECI and the other a swallow exam.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

1 Year Ago

1 year ago this month we went from being parents of a 12 year to a teenager and found out we would be have a new addition to our family. Who knew so much could change in just a year.

Brandon turned 14 on the 20th. He is such a awesome kid. I am so blessed to have him and Roby in my life. I meet Roby 10 years ago when Brandon was 4 I wish I had pictures of him back then on the computer for you guys. He was so adorable you just wanted to put him on a shelf like a little doll. It seems so crazy to me that he is 14 now and only has 5 more years of school. 5 years may seem like a lot if the past 10 years had not gone by so fast. I was so scared wondering if I could be a step-mom for the next 14 years and now we are almost done with one and starting all over again with another. He is such a good kid and a great big brother to Bella. She abores him when he walks in the room she cant take her eyes off of him. And don't tell his friends he looks at her the same way.

For his birthday we took him to eat Sushi. Yummy.

Bella is doing great. We had another doctor visit on Friday and they seemed very pleased with her weight gain. So much we get to wait 4 weeks till the next aptointment. She is still on the oxygen they are just taken that slow and letting her go at her own speed. She had her other half of her flu shot on friday. Will get her RSV shot at her next apt but no other shots for a while other than the RSV each month. I am so excited. She has a swallow test the first week of November and if all goes well with that she gets to start on cerel. She is already watch everything we eat. And I have tried cereal on her a few times and last week when I tired it she finished the bowl I made her. So I think she is more than ready. They just want to make sure no problem with the swallowing. She weight 11 lbs 2.2 oz. She is rolling over from her tummy to her back. Has not got the hang of rolling from her back to her tummy but tries really hard. She is playing so much more with her toys and loves to sit up in her boombo chair and watch everything. She will meet also at the first of November with ECI (Early Child Development program) to make sure she is develope at a good pace and not showing any signs of developmentaly problems. They evaulate at her corrected age not her birth age. Right now she seems to be running on track with her corrected age but they will be able to see if she is doing anything that could cause a delay.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bella’s 7 months

Bella had a doctor’s apt for our birthday yesterday. She is 7 months as of yesterday, weight 10 lbs 10oz. Can you believe it our tiny 15 oz baby Bella is now over 10 lbs. She wore her big girl jeans yesterday sorry I can’t get any good pics up yet our camera is not hocked up to the computer to download my new pictures. We just switched our computer to the TV; for anyone trying to cut back and save money this is the way to go there is a little investment but not more than a cable bill. And it will save you big each month on the cable bill. Just need internet access and you can watch all your TV shows on your TV and use the TV screen for the computer monitor. Just as NANA it is nice. She is staying with Bella today and enjoying bloging on the big screen on the comfy couch. As soon as we finish getting everything moved over I will get lots of pictures up of Bella. Right now I will just have to post what I have on from my cell phone. I can’t believe 7 months has already passed.
Before the doc apt she was down to 1/16 on her oxygen and even spent about 30 minute off the oxygen while I dressed her without drop below 95 on her stats. Then the shots and well now we are back up to ¼ and start all over again. It is going to be a long RSV season at this rate. She had her first of many RSV shots and blood taken yesterday. Nana lasted for the blood only. Bella did not want to give up her blood yesterday. So they had to stick her a few times and finally they had to stick her thumb. She was not a happy girl.

On Saturday Bella went Junking. We take turns going in places. One sits in the car while the other shops. We got the back of the XB loaded and all around Bella. Roby was a bit scared with all the stuff around her. She did great as you can see she slept most the time. Roby found me some really fun file cabnets for my craft room. Here is the pictures I took with my cell phone. And we got a few small things will post more pictures of everything once I get them off the camera.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Doctor Visit

this is her two new machines she got last week. Is that not the cutest machine.

Just a few pics from Bella's UH Oh trip to the doctors office on Wedenday Sept 2nd while everyone was playing at Zapp we spent the day at the doctors office given Nana and Pop something to worry about. I let daddy give the first treatment. :) But Bella being Bella was a perfect little patient and never cried. She really is a good baby. I could complain about how hard it is to have machines on her but for all the machine she is always so happy and easy going. Belive me she does not get that from her Mommy. She sleeps at least 6 hours a night and loves to just lay on a blanket and play with her toys. I couldn't ask for a better baby. I am so blessed.

She also received this today. We got a package today from one of our school at work and this was in it for Bella. Lucky girl gets all the cute College T's. See why I hate to leave my job. :) I can't wait to get home and try it on her. She also got a cute carter outfit and a Ty prayer bear. I am going to miss all my school's when I am gone. :(

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Every day I get to see just how awesome God is and thought I would share with you how blessed my family is, thank you for your prayers, thoughts and support over the last 7 months. She still needs a low setting of oxygen, other than that she is a health little girl. Weight 9lbs 13 oz and 21 inches long.

Bella had her first :0 oh no moment last week. She had to go up on her oxygen on Monday and back to the doctor. she was on 1/16 and had to go up to 1/2, we have gotten her back down to 1/8 and 1/4 this week. Just taken it slow moving her back down. She got a nebulizer for breath treatments it looks like a panda bear (will upload some pics soon from that visit). And goes for a test next month to see how she is doing with her swallowing. Just to make sure she is not getting any on her lungs. Doctor Carrie said she would rather be safe than miss something. But the problem is very similar to the time in the NICU right after she had her immunization and had to be put back on the Cpap machine. Mean nasty Shots. I think this is just going to be the norm for her for a while, shots are just going to be hard for her. But all and all everything was good and Doctor Carrie was not too worried that any thing major was going on. They say it could have just been something as simple as the change in the weather.

Bella goes for her RSV and Flu shot Monday the 12th. Happy birthday to Mommy and Bella. She will be 7 months on Monday and well we don't need to tell how old Mommy will be. We get to spend our birthday at the doctors office and picking up Nana, she will be coming to stay with us next week. Not to mention it is my birthday and I always spend my birthday with my mom, it is a holiday you know. ;)

I have one more week left to work then I will be a full time mommy spending my days playing with Bella. It was a hard decision to make as I love my job but with Bella not being able to go to daycare during RSV season my choice became more and more clear everyday. God has a plan for us and I just pray for an open mind and heart to lesson to him as he guides us on this new journey.

Please also remember to go to wee dream classic to benefit Witt and Elle two amasing testiments to God's awesome power.