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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bella’s 7 months

Bella had a doctor’s apt for our birthday yesterday. She is 7 months as of yesterday, weight 10 lbs 10oz. Can you believe it our tiny 15 oz baby Bella is now over 10 lbs. She wore her big girl jeans yesterday sorry I can’t get any good pics up yet our camera is not hocked up to the computer to download my new pictures. We just switched our computer to the TV; for anyone trying to cut back and save money this is the way to go there is a little investment but not more than a cable bill. And it will save you big each month on the cable bill. Just need internet access and you can watch all your TV shows on your TV and use the TV screen for the computer monitor. Just as NANA it is nice. She is staying with Bella today and enjoying bloging on the big screen on the comfy couch. As soon as we finish getting everything moved over I will get lots of pictures up of Bella. Right now I will just have to post what I have on from my cell phone. I can’t believe 7 months has already passed.
Before the doc apt she was down to 1/16 on her oxygen and even spent about 30 minute off the oxygen while I dressed her without drop below 95 on her stats. Then the shots and well now we are back up to ¼ and start all over again. It is going to be a long RSV season at this rate. She had her first of many RSV shots and blood taken yesterday. Nana lasted for the blood only. Bella did not want to give up her blood yesterday. So they had to stick her a few times and finally they had to stick her thumb. She was not a happy girl.

On Saturday Bella went Junking. We take turns going in places. One sits in the car while the other shops. We got the back of the XB loaded and all around Bella. Roby was a bit scared with all the stuff around her. She did great as you can see she slept most the time. Roby found me some really fun file cabnets for my craft room. Here is the pictures I took with my cell phone. And we got a few small things will post more pictures of everything once I get them off the camera.

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Debra @ Common Ground said...

What a cutie patootie, junkin' trooper. Great way to celebrate, off for some junkin fun! She's getting so big. Oh, we hate those nasty old needles. I don't like them either Bella!
Hugs, Debra