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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Project weekend.

So this weekend I was motived to be creative.

A few weeks ago I saw some pottery that I feel in love with. Simple white with a single key at the top. I still love that pottery but unfortunality it was out of my price range at this time. So I grab up a old reastaurant wear plater and a key at the GARAGE sale on Thursday and created my own cheaper version of the wonderful pottery I had seen. With a little help from my pink hot glue gun I got a new platter for my living room.

Next project.. I had a white catholic religious candle and a silver fork.. Some black paint. Not that you may be able to tell but the fork is now painted black.
And now I have a cute candle for my kitchen window seal..

All made for little or nothing with things I had around the house and some rummaging threw stuff. From what some my call trash. Now I did not get anything out of the trash but my hubby and son might think I should have put it in the trash. Good thing I don't leason to them.

Hope you in enjoy from projects.

Letter Perfect

Love IT!!!!!!

This is a very good friend of mine. She loves to paint but only colors so please don't ask her to just paint white!

This picture is $25 if you are interested in order one please email with your request.

wheelerrocks@embarqmail.com - Artist - April Ranford.