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Monday, January 26, 2009


So I just went on Sunday and offically got my first Maternity cloths.. I am offically 4 months along..

First I must say for all the moms who's bebe's are toddlers and you still put on the matternity jeans.. I totally completly 100% understand now.. I have never been in jeans that are so comfortable.

As for the BBW's AKA Fat Girl I just have to say What the !! Why have we had to stuff ourselves into jeans that button when the solution is so simple. Why can't the BBW's get a belly front for jeans.. IT is the BEST..

And I LOVE the Maternity store.. They treat you so nice when you come in cause well everyone in the store has a big tummy so you don't have to stand out as the big plus size girl with all the little people..

And hubby's you should go they have a big screen TV with the football game on.. Now if that isn't just right for the mom to be.. HE will have no clue what you spend.. ;)

So far love the PG .. Except for I feel like a walking medicine cabnet with all the drugs I carry with me..

More to come ..
Due Date July 4, 2009..

Baby Sex - 6 more weeks.. Please leave guess..

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Congradulations!!! I know you are so excited. And your mom, well, that's another post. I know she's just beaming with joy!