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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let's EAT Pie

Happy Late Valentines day to all.. Hope everyone had the day they wanted.
Me and my boys spent the day visiting the parents..Then it was off to EAT!

We had PIE.. If you are in the dallas area and want good home cooking cafe food you must take a trip to Norma's or if you just want PIE..

Now I am sure alot of people waited for hours to eat at a fancy restaurant.. But not us.. We went to Oak Cliff for dinner at Norma's Cafe.

Located at

1123 W. Davis StDallas, TX 75208

Almost forgot Cat Daddy got us each a box of chocolate..


trash talk said...

What a big spender that Cat Daddy is!!! Not to much sugar for the baby(either one)! Love you my Asst. Trashette,


Simplicity Cottage said...

Oh my gosh! I was over at Deb's Trash Talk and I recognized that slice of pie! I love Norma's pie! I live in East Texas now but lived in the Dallas area for more years than I care to talk about! The only pie that even comes close to Norma's coconut pie is at the Cotton Gin in Crandall...next time I go to Dallas...I'm goin' to Norma's! For a piece of pie...


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Mercy! That is THE pie I've had on my mind for days.
Thanks for showing it to me ;)

Anonymous said...