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Friday, April 3, 2009

Bella - 3 weeks

She had an ultra sound done on Wed of her head and everything was negative. She doing great. She is up to 10cc of breast milk and it seems to increase everyday.

She has much attitude and hates to have her stats done. Loves to hold on to all the things attached to her and never stops moving her little toes.. I can't imagine who she gets her attidue from and her toe tap.. ;) I am sure her daddy knows..

Bella hit 3 weeks 4/2/09 and is 1 lb 9 oz. She is 12 inches long as of Sunday.

She had one cord that was put in her arm to monitor her for several different things but Miss Bella decided she would hold on to it and pull it out so they had to take it out and now she has to have several things attached to monitor her..

Thank you for stop by will post more Bella updates..


laurel said...

Hey Jennifer! She is Beautiful. I have a quilt for her that I have been carrying around in my car for a week. It is an old quilt I got somewhere and I have been waiting for someone close to me to have a girl!! And I don't know anyone outside you and your mom (and me)that would actually like to get something that isn't new. I will take it by your mom's house ok?? You keep up the good work ok! I'm proud of you. Love, Laurel Marie

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

Oh Jenn, she is just darling.... wish I had that tan. I had so much fun with your mom and dad in Warrenton and listening to your mom talk about Bella was so sweet. I know you can't wait to get her home. And I would love to do the nursery for you when you are ready. Much love, Lauri@chippysun