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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Real Baby Girl

Bella's first tiny Pacifier

Bella & mommy's hands

Bella & Daddy's Hands

Ready to end her photo shot.. LOL

Yesterday we had our first glimpse of a real baby thing... She got a pacifier.. They are given it to her when they start her milk the nurse said she likes it and got mad when it fell out of her mouth.. Don't know who she gets that attitude from... You might ask her Nana she could probably tell you.. LOL ;)
She is up to 22 cc's milk ever 3 hours, still holding 2 lbs 8 oz. They are continue to give her caffine to prepare her for the ventilator to be removed.. ***The little babies tend to forget to breath or get tired and just stop breathing because the brain/lungs are not completly developed. The caffine will help to stimulate the brain to help with that.


trash talk said...

MY G'daughter couldn't possibly have attitude! She's too perfect.

Dixie said...

always so happy to see the progress of the precious baby Bella... you know... she's going to have a bunch of blogging grannies... she won't know what to do with us all!

Anonymous said...

That little Bella - she has herself some attitude! That's why she's doing as well as she is. What does the caffiene do ?

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Now that explains why I need caffeine in the morning, to stimilate my brain, oh never mind, I thought for a moment I was reading about myself, ha ha, just kidding. So, she's already got a tude!! That's great! This will take her far :}

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Jenn, the pictures are great! And the news of her progress is exciting. Prayers continue. ~Mindy

Barb said...

I came over form Junk sisters, and have scrolled down though some of your story. What a precious gift, and she is so beautiful.
How nice of the junk sisters to be doing the fund raiser.

My sweet fella has cuddled the babies in the NICU here in Eugene for 18 years.
He loves being there when the mommies can't be.

A special thanks to all the nurses and cuddlers who take such good care of our little gifts from God.
Prayers as she continues to grow.

Barbara Jean

Ashley ~ said...

What a precious little angel. I not only will continue to follow little Bella's progress here, I will put her at the top of my prayer list to ask God to keep this precious little angel safe and sound while she grows and becomes stronger and bigger each day.
She has stolen my heart already*! ((hugs)) _Ashley*

Anonymous said...

It is so amazing what they do for little ones like Bella. Wonder if she'll be hooked on caffiene all her life! :) Our prayers continue.

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Oh, my! These newest pictures are just the best! They are absolutely adorable! Jenn, just give that girl a little Diet Dr. Pepper and she will be fine! Please keep posting photos! I'm getting my "Grammy" fix here!


Karen from A`Musements said...

YEAH BELLA!!!! The ULTIMATE "Tiny Dancer" and what a darling little love she is! Sooooo happy for your entire family that you and Bella are doing so well. Miracles DO happen, don't they?! WHee!!! (I think God was afraid He'd have Deb to 'deal with' forever, if this went any other way ;-)
Love, love, love to you all!
Karen &