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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

6 weeks & Growing

This was me on 2/19/09 3 days before I went into the hospital.. Clueless to the journey I was about to begin..

My Little Bella Girl is 6 weeks today. She weight 2lbs & 6 oz as of last night..

Six weeks ago she was swimming in the tiny diapers and this week she is now to big for them and has moved up to the next size. She is now swimming in them.

The nurse changed her Blood presure cup last night to the next size. This is a picture of the one taken off her..

It is so wonderful,amazing and a gift from God to watch her grow. Everyday I get to see what she would be doing if she was in me.

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trash talk said...

And may I say she is filling out that diaper like the true beauty queen she is! Man, I love that baby.