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Friday, June 19, 2009

Bella Updated

Sorry it has been a busy few weeks.

Bella was put back on the SiPap Machine last week,

We had our meeting with the doctor and he was able to answer alot of our questions and put our mind at easy about what they have been doing and what medication she is getting and what they are for.
Her Co2 levels had been going up on the nasal canulan and he decided Wednesday to not take a chance with her as she has no medical reason for the increase in Co2 other than her under developed lungs. He decided to give her more time to let the lungs develope some more. Wednesday night she was not happy. One of our favorite nurses Lauren said she was mad at her all night. Not like Bella at all.
The first fours days her oxygen was high in the upper 60% but as of tuesday night it has slowly been coming back down to more normal Bella numbers in the 30-35% range. Her Co2 level yesterday was good and had come down alot.
They were talking of putting the tube back in if the numbers did not go down but Praise God he answered our prayers and the doctor said she would not go back on the tube. We will just be taken things slower this time around.
She is now 5lbs 8.8oz, getting feed still every three hours and has been increased to 45CC's at each feeding. They reduced the feeding time to last only an hour. She is starting to show signs of when she is hungry about 30 minutes before she gets her feeding. Which the OT - Christy said that it is a good sign. She has been staying awake through some of her feedings and is busy playing with her hands and her pacy. AS well as her feeding tube. She has been busy pulling it out over the last few days. Which tells me she is start to get back to herself. Keep the nurses busy.
She got a big girl crib last wednesday. And the nurse put her in a sitting up postion this week and she enjoyed that. Once we get her a chair or a boopy she can sit up in that for a little while each day. She really enjoys looking around at everything.
She is smilling a lot more each day. And of course I think she is the cutest baby in the NICU but of course I am the Bella Mamma. :)


trash talk said...

And I am the Bella Nana! Glad you did an update as I have trouble relating all the medical jargon. I get so confused. She is beautiful and that's not just the eyes of love talking...you know I speak only the truth!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

She is no doubt the cutest baby in all of Dallas! I'm still praying for our baby. I am so glad to see she's gaining weight and in God's timing all will be well.

~Amy said...

Syill praying for precious Bella!! So glad to hear she is gaining weight and eating well and NO tube! YAY! She will get there...have FAITH! Thanks for the update!


David said...

So glad she didn't have to get the tube put back in. Sounds like all the signs are again moving in a positive direction. And more food means more growth, right? We will keep her in our prayers.

donna baker said...

What a big girl she's getting to be. Sounds too cute playing with the tubes and sitting up. My daughter who was pregnant the same as you, just had my new little Oliver this week though I haven't been able to post about it yet. You're the first to know. LOL

Sue said...

My heart was a little lighter just now as I read about Bella smiling and pulling at her tubes. One day, you will look back on all of this and see your heathly, smiling little girl causing chaos in your home and not even remember what you are going through today. You and your family take care, Sue

cheryl said...

We have been praying for you and lovely baby girl, Bella! What a miracle she is! I just can't get over how much she has grown...can't wait until she makes her debut at Zapp Hall!!!

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