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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Late Father's Day

So I am a terrible mother I did not get a single picture of Roby & Brandon on father's day. But this is the most recent pic I have of them together. Brandon has since shaved his hair off. I am sure it will be long again before school start his hair grows really fast.

Unfortunallity they will only alow two of us in the room at at time. So I will have to wait for Bella to come home to get that family picture of the four of us.

Roby with his Bella Girl

Hope everyone had a wonderful father's day. I got Cat Daddy Grandy's. I know it is not fancy but they have been so busy the last few month that going out to dinner just seemed like more work than they really wanted to do. So double steak dinner for Dad. And if you know Cat Daddy than you know he was a happy man with that.


David said...

Hero, you couldn't be a bad mother if you tried! Hope Roby and Cat Daddy both had a happy father's day. As always, love seeing the pictures of the family.

trash talk said...

She is getting to be quite the little armful...can't wait to see her tonight! Shoot me a photo of Brandon with a burr haircut...he doesn't stay still long enough for me to get a good look at him.

Tamis said...

I bet if you asked real nice a nurse would let you snap a quick family picture. I am a nurse and would find it impossible to turn down that request...

She is getting pretty big! YEAH for Bella!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I can imagine that CD is real happy! What a cute pic of the three of ya'll. Happy late Father's Day to your special men.