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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy FaBOOlous Halloween

My little family.. by Foto Fabulous
Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. Bella was a busy busy girl this weekend. We got up early Saturday and head to the pumpkin patch to have family pictures made by a really talented photographer. She is so great with kids, Brandon was so relaxed and well Bella is CRAZY walking so it was hard to keep her still long enough to take pictures of her. I just knew we would end up with picture of just the three or two or one of us but none of Bella. And Melissa being a FA-BOO-lous photographer sent me the most wonderful pictures. Could not ask for a better treat for Halloween than to have pictures of my little family.

Bella Last year.......
This year.. I got this shirt idea took it to have the Fa-lous! put on and added the BOO. I think she was adorable in her Fa-BOO-lous outfit.

Not to brag but I love this picture I think she is just gorgeous in this picture.
My boys aren't they handsome. This will be going on our wall at home.


trash talk said...

I wish I had shown that pix from last year. God is so good and what a difference a year makes!
Great minds think alike...I posted too!
Brandon is so handsome in the photos.
P.S. Should I go back in and add a link to her?

Sue said...

Loved both you and your mom's posts tonight. What a beautiful family you have. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

Take care, Sue

Preemie Donna said...

Thank you Sue..
Yes mom if you would that would be great...

time-worn interiors said...

How cute! I seen Bella on your moms blog and she looks so happy!

The Primitique said...

Wonderful pictures! I know you are going to frame a whole lot! Bella is so precious. ~Mindy