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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's DAY!?

So have I told you about my awesome dad?

He ROCKS! He likes to watch cartoons with me, lets me watch lots of music video's and teaches me about all things 80's. He thinks this is very important to know about. But he also lets me watch Yo Gabba Gabba cause mommy won't and Wonder Pets while I he feeds me my afternoon snack everyday.

Today mommy fixed daddy french toast for breakfast and since I have mastered the fork I feed myself some yummy french toaste and BACON!

I am turing into a little chatter box or at least when I feel like it. I can say all kinds of words now I just don't do it for the therepist maybe I enjoy her company and don't want her to stop coming. I am putting words together too. I can say I do IT and I see YOU. I am 31 1/2 inches tall not much weight gain only 21lbs but I don't stop till they make me. I have not had a bottle in a month and now drink from a straw sippy cuppy. I use a fork and a spoon. Mommy got me a bigger kiddie pool this summer and I love to play in it, sure beats a bath.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy father's day. I am off to nap before I take my daddy to buy some new shoes for father's day. :)


trash talk said...

You're might pretty precious and you sure do have a good daddy. Even Nana won't watch some of those programs!
Happy Father's Day Roby!

The Grim Reefer said...

I was sittin here so bored i was trolling random blogs and i stumbled onto yours. I gotta tell ya kid, your dad sounds like he's doing it right, good for him. Any fool can be a father..but it takes a strong determined man to be a dad. Its the most frustrating, infuriating, challenging, thankless,and important jobs a man will ever love. It takes a commitment that all too many are afraid of these days. When you grow up..& you're looking him in the eyes & you say..."thanks pop". It will all be worth it.
Say hi to your dad for me.