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Friday, March 9, 2012

My little Junk Baby

In case anyone was wondering if Bella has become a real Trashette the proof is in the boots.

She loves her pink Junk Gypsy T-shirt and her pink Cat Daddy Cowgirl boots. Not to mention some silver spoons. She is becoming just another member in the Talking Trash Family.

3/9/09 23 weeks 1 day Bella's survival rate jumped from 10% to 53% this is probably because most hospitals do not consider 22 weeks to be viable yet and for our hospital under 24 weeks it is the parents choice to put them on the vent. We had to choice to put Bella on the vent.

Among babies born alive at 22 weeks, fewer than 10% survived; at 23 weeks, 53% survived;

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