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Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 Year Home Sweet Home

Ok be prepared lots of Bella pics of her Summer Time fun... It is hard to believe it has been 3 years since we brought home our tiny little girl. So since I have not updated in a while lets get you all up to date on the Bella Baby.
Lets start with this little girl since day one has had a mind of her own even on her due date. And she still does. She does everything in her own time and when she wants to do it. Down to potty training, we have had a battle of the minds on this one and so far no luck. She knows the potty, she loves her princess panties, she does not hate the potty but she does not really want to be potty trained just yet. LOL She talks like crazy. In three years we never made a trip to the ER for healthy issues, but this summer she got a new princess chair and managed to fall backwards out of chair and hit the back of her head. We called 911 because she had what seemed to be a seizure. EMT's said she seemed fine and had us take her in. Doc at ER confirmed she is ok. Seizure like symptom was an over stimulation of nerves causing muscle contraction. She is ok and is her normal self. mom and dad on the other hand were a nervous wrecks! Once we got back for the doctor to check her out first thing she asked him was for chicken. This summer we took her to the beach. She loved it lucky for us we have her big brother who takes her to do things that we might not do like go in the ocean. LOL She loved the big waves knocking her down, she just got back up and waited for the next one.

I also spent my first long weekend away from her in three years. We made a trip to Houston to pick up her big brother it was nice to get away for a weekend just the three of us. We love our Bella but we were three for so long that it was nice to just be three for a short time. She loves all things princess, this is her reading a bedtime story to her baby.

This was after we spent the day in the ER, we took her to Chili's to feel better. As you can tell sprite & mac/cheese made everything better

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