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Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Happened

It officially happened last night she off the tummy crawled.. Of course she only made it to the closets toy but she did it. She did it first behind her daddy only he didn't know it. ;)

She also offially spent all night in her room in her bed. She has always been in her own bed since the day we brought her home. She has just been in the room with me. With all the machines it just seemed crazy to be going across the house to see why the machine was going off only for it to stop as soon as I would get to it.

And not sure I mentioned this but a tooth is trying to make its debut. Can't wait. I can't imagine her with Teeth.. Even thought we have seen them in her swallow test you could see them it was kind of werid. But good to know they are there. :)

Her room saddly is still not finished but it is closer. We got the paint up and curtain rods hung. Got a few pictures up but then our drill died on us. :( And we could not get her shelfs hung or the really heavy mirror hung. So some project for another day. :) But it is finally starting to take shape and look like a room. I got her chandlier changed our with all the new clear prisms. Now it will be off to Pop's to have him wire it. Decided not to hang it in the middle of her room instead it is at the end of her bed for her to look at.

I moved her bed in on Saturday while Roby was taken a nap (he worked nights last week and tired to stay home with her, still is probably not going to work.)But I got it all the way from our room in the back of the house throught the laundry room/craft room, kitchen, living room and then the final door way her room and it wouldn't clear the door.. :0 Awww.. I had to wake him up and he had to take the door off the hinges without a screw driver. :0 But we got it in and even with all the unfinished project I had an overwhelming since of happiness so much I actually almost cried. Just this joy that finally we have a nursery for her a place that is just what I had dreamed it would look like. All this time I had felt like I was settle on stuff but when it was all in the room together the fabric just made the room and a room that I decorated for my little gir.

Growing up we got our room re-decorated alot so it was such a great feeling to know I will be giving her a similar childhood memory that I had. Some might say they don't remember. But I grew up with stories of my perfect doted-swiss nursery. And I have mermories of my pink metal hospital bed, white canopy bed and daybed. Like I said we got new rooms alot. Of course we did I am the daughter of Talkign Trash and Cat Daddy.. Hellow would you expect any less from them. So off course I have big shoes to fill when it comes to being a parent to one of the orginal trahetts. Cat Daddy gets funny about his Kitten's you know.

Will post new pics soon of her and her room.

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janet said...

can't believe bella is getting so big so fast! anxious to see pics of her room!