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Monday, April 12, 2010

More 13 Months

OK so lets see what haven't I told you guys..
Since her last appointment with OT
She has started getting up on all fours and rocking. She can role and get any toy she wants.. She cam pull herself as well to toys but not off the tummy crawling but we know it is close.
She is taken 4 6oz bottles a day and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner along with at least one snack a day.
She is not pulling up just yet and is not sitting herself up. But she can stand up if we put her holding up on the couch or her bed for a minute and she can sit for hours if we let her and play.
Her new favorite toy right now is her pots and pans I got her a big lots she loves thoses. Along with the Easter egg Shakers I got her.
I try to read to her everyday..
And she now loves to watch PBS Dinosaurs Train. I know they say not to let them watch TV till they are at least 2 but she really likes to watch this show.. And she seems to have no interest in BARNEY!!! Lets just say I am a happy mom on that one.
Still no sign of teeth.
I finally got her room painted. Roby hung the curtain rods this weekend and I hung the curtains. I am working on a chandelier. It once had amber colored prisms on it and hung in our first house. It has been collecting dust for the past few years at my mom's and I decided to pull the prisms off and add new clear ones to it. This actually seems easier than it is.. My fingers are killing me.

I think that is about it for now on the Bella updates..


Laura said...

You go Bella!
That's a big baby girl-



You always have the cuitest pictures!! She is so adorable!!!

LOL..on Barney--Yes, yes, lucky you- too bad my kiddo was a total nut for him.

Target has cakes? I had no idea.
I'm sorry to hear about Graycie and that arm. Whew. Ouch.

So how are you doing? How are things? It's been awhile since I've come over, I know. Do stop by and fill me in.
Take Care

trash talk said...

That little curl that just won't lay down knocks me out!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh, isn't she just getting prettier and prettier!!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ha! She is thriving, isn't she? I love these Bella updates! ~~Mindy