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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Future Son-In-Law

This is my best friends little man Wheeler he is 3 and is the cutest little boy I know. He loves his Bella so much he even shared his spider man books with her. What a Man..


Malisa said...

Uh oh! And so it all begins! She is already attracting men like flies to honey! You are gonna have a challenging 18 years ahead of you! :)

Sue said...

Oh, they are both so cute! How can anyone resist little Bella!! I like his name. My daughter is due in July with a boy, so I keep drowning her in names that "I" like!
Take care, Sue


Such a precious photo of two darling babes! ~ Angela

trash talk said...

Only in the name of true love will a man share Spidey! He is so darn cute.

Six in One Hand said...

THat's true love for sure!!!
What a cutie pie!!!