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Friday, May 21, 2010

A minute to Pray

I have been going to a Message Board for preemie moms it has actually been a big help, wake up call and so many other things for me. It has been great to be able to read others stories and not feel alone. I know that most my friends and family probably don't want to spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week talking about Bella but hey I do. :)

So to my point of this post. I know that Bella and I have been so blessed to have a great bunch of prayer warriors on our side while we spent that time in the Hospital. One of the mommies on the preemie board's little one is not doing well. This is her post from today on all of his issues. Now ladies we all know there is no such thing as no hope we see that everyday in all the special little ones we all know and love. We see Hope when we see pictures of Witt at home. Lets all pray for Hope and as well strenght to deal with whatever God's Will is for this family and there little man Oscar.

"Oscar's brain looks just awful he had a grade4 bleed on day three and now at ten weeks has PLV servere and one giant cyst on left side and many many cysts on the right the doctors are painting a very grim picture and want me to turn his machines off but i just know theres got to be hope for my baby. they say he will have servere cp and prob wont be able to talk move etc... also he will be serveley developmentally effected? how can they know? we've just had a specialist access oscar and he has told us oscar will definitely never walk or talk hold a cup feed recognise us were in complete devestation


Thank you always you are a great bunch of people!



Sue said...

Bless you Jen for "paying it forward" and sending out prayer requests for little Oscar!! Count me in, the little man is in my prayers and heart today.

Take care, Sue

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I love your sweet heart, Jenn. I'll pray for Oscar, his family and physicians. ~Mindy

David said...

Oscar is in my prayers.


Jenn, prayers are going out for baby Oscar and his family for peace and healing. ~ Angela

trash talk said...

Jenn, you know I will join you in sending up prayers. With God, there is always hope. The doctors never have the last say...only God.
Have I told you how proud I am that you're mine?

kanishk said...

I love your sweet heart
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