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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Home Run

So I made this easy dinner this week, that I kind of pulled out of my butt. My son had two friends over to spend a few days and I had to make something that would satisfy three hungry teenagers. And it was a home run. We generally have leftovers but not that night they came back for seconds. This was so easy and cheap. I made my own version of BBQ Pulled Pork Spaghetti. Nothing fancy about it just slow cooked a package of pork ribs without the bones in the slow cooker all day. Then I boiled some spaghetti noddles open a jar of Stubbs BBQ (the only BBQ Sauce to buy) mixed it all together and baked it for 20 minutes at 400 degrees, really that easy.

So easy it left me the morning to spend outside playing with Bella before the day got to hot and time to make two new banners to take to W&T on Friday to sale.

I was so excited Bella learned how to blow bubbles this week and then she learned how to eat the bubbles.

She also enjoyed playing in the fresh cut grass, that I think she could of spent the whole day playing with.

Last nights dinner menu slow cooker Roast with new potatoes and carrots. Today I have been slow cooking beans that my hubby will enjoy and the left overs will be frozen for re fried beans this weekend for breakfast. Lets just say my slow cooker has been a busy girl this week.

So I am not sure if this new thing that OT got for Bella to chew on is working or if Bella just really hates therapy but since starting to us this thing that looks like a tooth brush but has ridges on it her gagging seems to be way better. When trying something new her first instinct has always been to gag until she throws up when it is something new. So OT says it sounds like she has a texture issue. Since using this chew thing she has been actually letting the food stay in her mouth and not gag and just taken it out if she does not like it. She actually ate two bits of a strawberry and today a Waffle still eats like a bird but I will take that over throwing up her food any day. We have a second apt next week so we will see how that goes.

All and all a week that started out off is ending up to be a good productive week.


trash talk said...

Won't eat strawberries...but she'll tear up bubbles, huh? What a kid!

ShmoopyLove said...

She looks so grown-up now...oh how the time flies!! Glad to hear that y'all are all doing well : ) Lauren