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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The next few months for us is crazy. February my husband and I will be married for 10 years. Seems like we just got married and now 10 years has passed. So what do you get for 10 years together well I tough I wanted a new ring and then I decided I don't need a ring as much as I need a new building for my new business I am running out of room in the garage and running over into the house with my vintage wedding photography props and need a space to keep my clutter organised. Or he could get me new cowboy boots this would be handy for upcoming Zapp Hall right!!!! Guess we will see what I get. Owe and I also asked for a bunny. LOL I would love chickens but we don't really live in the country; plus the fear of snakes makes me think that a good idea.

It is also getting closer and closer to Bella's 3rd birthday.. Big plans I am SO excited about it. 20 children 5 and under. :0 She had a small first birthday a big 2nd birthday but this will be her first party with so many kiddo's. Wish me luck I will post more details as they come.

So lets see Bella is going strong
She is a crazy 2 year old
We just transition her to her crib converted to a toddler bed, this was the big task we have ever had with her. I think this was harder than the 5 months in the NICU. She wanted nothing to do with the toddler bed we bought her so we then tried decided to convert her crib and see how she did. It was not easy but easier than the toddler bed. So now we have a new toddler bed that we spent an hour putting it together just to have to take it apart.
she is talking like crazy..
We are thinking about putting her in preschool soon two days a week she has a lot of energy she needs to run off with some other 2 year old.
We finish with ECI in March.

She loves her Wheeler....

And painting..

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trash talk said...

She also loves her Nana more!