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Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas Morning (Brandon and Bella)

Uncle Joey (AKA Joey Angry Bird Game)

Nana (showing off her gift from Pop)Bella's Great Grandpa, Great Aunt Judy, Great Uncle James and Pop at our christmas dinner

Pop and Nana

Bella open her Santa Gifts

By the time Christmas Morning came around Bella had the gift open down. It is crazy how fast they learn how to open presents. She got some gifts before Christmas from her Great Uncle & Great Aunt and Great Grandpa that I let her practice on first. They took her some time to open but then by Christmas Eve when we got to Nana's to open she got the whole open present down and once she was done with her gift began to open Graycie's good thing Graycie is crazy about her. I did each of the kids a tree this year that we did not put out till Christmas Eve and under that was there gifts from Santa. As Brandon is 16 I had to put more time into the idea I had for his tree. I started by getting Kiss Christmas lights and ornaments and then I found a lava lamp ornament at Hobby Lobby. Then to fill in I went online and found different classic rock band concert poster images and printed them tiny and put them on card stock. I think he liked it as he asked if he could keep it all year in his room. Bella's tree was done in candy and cupcakes and it was pinks and greens. Loved the colors once it all came together.

Most of you know my mom says she is not crafty but growing up I remember her Christmas tree not being the Department store trees they are today and not filled with ornaments we had made her. I guess they were the start of her Dept store trees. She made bows and then made ornaments out of small mirrors she got in the homecoming mum store and some red ribbon. To us it looked like she had spent 100's on her tree, the same fake white tree went up every year and was retired this year after 30 years of severs to our family. But it is not in a garage sale it is stored in my parents christmas building, thats right I said building. Not attic or garage building. This spring my mom said we will be pulling everything out and have ourselves a family day and she will hand down some of her christmas stuff to us. In later years the bows, fruit and mirror were replaced with Hallmark ornaments, now they hallmark ornament are replaced with new things for the grad kids

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