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Sunday, November 8, 2009

The week in Bella Land

Bella has had a very busy week.
Tuesday she went to Baylor to have a swallow test done. It was actually really cool. We could see her on the xray. They watched as she took a bottle of barium fluid to see how she swallowed to make sure it was going down OK. Good news with that is that she no longer will need the thickener they had add a few weeks ago. The xray tech said she did great and could start taken a regular bottle without the necter. She also tired rice cereal and they said she had no problem swallow that as well. So we have started offering her cereal this week. We couldn't get a good picture of the test this was the best we could get.

On Thursday she had her appointment at the house with ECI. That went great she is at a 4-5 month old in all her development with the exception of her social skills and on that she is right on track no delays she is right at an 8 month old. Go figure. She did not qualify for ECI to come to the house based on her devlopment bur they will bw coming once a month to work with her just based on her birth weight and how early she was alone. We are glad about that anything to help her development along until she is a year old is a good thing. They weighted her and she is 12 lbs. Can't belive it.

Friday she went to visit Nana and Pop while I ran some errons. Of course Nana did not take any pictures and is now wanting for me to send her some. Bad Nana.

Saturday her Tia V came from the other side of the planet which is Mabank. Vicci brought her fancy smancy camera and had a photo session with Bella. Bella wasn't very cooperative as she would stop smiling every time Vicci held the camera up, but she managed to get a few good shots.

Today is Go Cowboys Day with Daddy.


trash talk said...

You better believe Nana stole the bobo pix!

The Flying Bee said...


Thanks for coming by my blog! I always love reading about Bella on your mom's blog...now I can come and see more of her here on yours! So glad to hear things are going so well. Hope she enjoys the game with her Daddy!

Take care,

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Tell Nana to get all those pics over. Bella is just an Angel. God is good to us! I followed her story through your moms blog! She is a piece of work.. and I love it! She can always make me smile even on the worst days with her posts! Thanks for stopping in to visit, I will be back to check in on your angel Bella! Hugs, Janna

Sue said...

I LOVE the photo of Bella's little feet. I've got this thing with baby's feet, so soft and sweet. Each picture I see of her she just gets cuter and cuter. Thanks for all the great pix's, I enjoy them.
Take care,Sue

David said...

What a cutie!

delighted heart said...

So glad to see pics and that everything is going so well! God is so good! Saw Nana on Saturday and wouldn't you know it she didn't have a photo one! Bad nana! She really needs to get a phone with a camera ...that way you always have photos with you!