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Monday, November 23, 2009

Ready for Thanksgiving

As everyone knows we have so much to be thankful for this year besides our Bella girl we are also so thanksful for all the wonderful people we have meet along this jounrey who have gone from starngers to friends support us along the way. It is truely a blessing to have been given such a wonderful gift from God to have been able to see his work first hand as I watched Bella grow from 15 oz to now 8 months later 12lbs.

Miss Bella is ready for some turkey but she will just have to settle for vegetables this year. Last week she got squash with her rice cerel. Hates the rice but loved the squash. Then this weekend it was carrots and today PEARS. I know we have not made it through all the vegetable but what can I say I am a bad mommy. LOL.

Me and Bella have been busy working on the house for Thursday and lots of christmas decoration for Friday. Hope you will all make it out to Winnie and Tulula's Christmas open house. What better way to start the christmas holiday than with some great junk. I know Mom and Dad have been busy pulling from buildings to make the spot extra shinny. Hope to see everyone there Bella will be warm and cozy at home with Daddy while I get a day out.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Your Bella is looking so pretty and growing so. Can't wait for Friday.

Sue said...

As always, I fall in love with little Bella all over again each time you post a new picture of her! This truly is a year for many of us to be thankful, and I know you and your family will have the best Thanksgiving ever! Take care.

trash talk said...

That baby does love her real food, doesn't she? Reckon we could give her a turkey leg to chew on?


Oh my goodness--she is growing so very fast!! She's just an amazing little thing!