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Monday, November 16, 2009

This Week in Bella Land

This was one of the first things I bought after Bella was born, she finally can fit in it.

Lets see.
Tuesday Bella had her first visit with Ready Start to work with the OT. She is still moving right along.
On Thursday Bella turned 8 months old. I can't believe 8 months has passed already. Can someone please tell me how to slow things down. She went to the doctor for her RSV shot, oxygen check and weight in. She was moved down to 1/16 on oxygen doing fair to good with that change. Stats range better during the day when she is playing between 95-96% and then drop a bit at night but this for Bella is the norm. She tends to drop a bit once she is in a good sleep. But put her on her tummy and she stats the best. She can even knock off the oxygen and I have no idea she has done it till I go to check her. She is making great progress. She goes back in two week for blood work. I have refused to let her get anymore shots and blood work on the same day. Seems to be the two together is what put her oxygen out of wack. And her doctors agree plus what choice do they have I have to sign for them to give her the shot. LOL.

We went on Saturday and got her Christmas dress and shoes. I also got to make a stop into the Funky Monkey to see all the new christmas stuff. I grab a big chunky black and white heart ring that matches my Betsy Johnson braclett Roby got me for our aniversary this year that I have not had a change to wear. Seeing as we spent our anversary in L&D. Can't wait for a mom and dad night out to wear them.

We will be busy busy the next two weeks as this is our first year to have thanksgiving at our house and we are transforming the empty bedroom (soon to be Bella's new room) into our dining room for the dinner. I am so excited about that. Should be a lot of fun or a lot of yelling between me and Roby.

I have a long list of project I am working on between now and the end fo the year. Still never found the spray for the glitter had to make a trip back to the store for another can. I am sure it will show up someday. Will post some project as they get done.

Working on some fun stuff for the Winnie and Tulula Christmas open house that I will be putting in mom's spot. Don't forget to mark your calanders I know all the vendors will have great stuff so sleep in, save your money and skip the black friday sales, For Winnie and Tulula's Christmas open house you don't have to get up at 4am. Sale starts Friday Nov 27th from 4-9 that is PM.


trash talk said...

Rock on baby girl! How cute are you?
Excellent reporting as well as excellent point about W&T's. Did I raise this girl right or what?

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh look at sweet Bella. I wish I could tell you how to slow down time, I look at my boys and seeing them at 22 and 27 makes me so wish they were still little...loved those days but these days are great too! I know you'll just enjoy her growing.

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Sounds like it's definitely busy in Bella Land, but in a good way. Jenn, you and your daughter look so sweet together - the picture of happiness. And you're even helping your mom out at W&T's? What a great daughter you are!

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Oh, my goodness! That photo in your header is too, too precious! I wish that my rear end and feet looked like that!

Aunt Malisa

donna baker said...

Wondered how our baby was doing? You sound so smart about Bella's care. Guess cause you get to stay home with her now, though you do sound very busy. When my daughter did her first Thanksgiving at her house, her sister and I sat back and snickered as she threw little fits. It is hard work and yet I do it every year.