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Monday, January 11, 2010

10 Months

Can you believe it our little girl will be a year old in 2 months. I know I can't.

We have started with full force finally giving her a nursery. Maybe we will finish it by her birthday. LOL. I didn't want to rush and just buy anything so she would have a room. I waited 33 years for my little girl so her room has got to be just right. Sometimes I find myself buying stuff because it is cute and then never using it. Didn't want to do that with Bella's room. I wanted to be very selective with each little detail. Lucky for me some of you great Bloggers have sent her some great stuff that is going to work with her room. Paint color is Sweet Baby Girl seemed operate seeing as she is the sweetest baby girl. We got the white primer finished last night. The room was black and gray. That was not an easy task to cover up. Now the next step deciding how we are going to paint the walls. Again not wanting to rush the process and then want to change after it is done. I do believe Roby will kill me if I did that.

Bella has a busy week this week.
OT came yesterday. She did great. Sat up on her own for 3 whole seconds. Her OT taught her how to bang toys together she caught on to that one quick. Showed her once and she had it. Learn how to do some exercises to encourage crawling.
Blood work this week before her doctors apt.
She has her RSV shot and her oxygen check up this week as well. Which I am 99.9% sure she will be coming off the oxygen this week. She has taken herself off every morning for the last week and done great without oxygen she was stat at 98-99 WOW that is perfect could not ask for better numbers. But I will probably still suggest she keep the oxygen for night time at least another month. With the cold weather I just think it is better to be a little inconvenienced and be safe than do anything that could possible get her sick. The extra bit of oxygen can helps to keep her lungs clear.

She is really teething big time. Poor thing I wish that tooth would come on already. I swear I think she has been teething since we brought her home in August. But thanks to Nana and Pop she got some really nice teething rings for Christmas just small enough for her tiny little mouth.


Sue said...

Can't wait to see little Bella's room. Smart, taking your time and all to make the little princess' room just right! Love her smile!!
Take care, Sue

David said...

Wonderful pictures!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ha! She loves her Daddy! Sorry to hear bout the teething. No fun. I'm excited about the possibility of no oxygen. That's great! And I love that she has herself a good OT. That girl is loved, isn't she? Now, don't forget...before AND after pics. Soon! ~Mindy

Malisa said...

Oh, my gosh! Isn't she the most precious? She doesn't have Daddy wrapped around her little finger, does she? I am anxious to see the finished product...the princess room!

lulu redstar said...

Okay. THE most important thang is that Bella needs a chandelier for her boudoir! Forget the teddy bears and whatnot. She is a star, of course!
I am so happy to see her progress and thrive! oxox come by and see the new blog!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a little dolly you have! I hope you had a nice Christmas and New Years.