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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bella's Doctor Visit

Bella went to the doctor yesterday. It was a good visit. She is now 14lbs.. I know big girl right.. The doctor has officially given the OK to take her off the oxygen they think she is ready. Last night it took her a little while to get a good stable number she does great during the day it is just for some reason at night she drops to 90/88. Around 2am this morning she stopped dropping and from that point her numbers did great the machine did not go off.. She is playing away in her bouncer, a few days ago she played so hard she feel asleep..

Also we had a new addition to our family last month.. Nope not me & Roby my BIL and SIL.
This is Bella's new cousin Alice Rose, she was born on December 28th weight 5 lbs 11 oz.. I know we have big girls right.. ;) She looks just like her Big Sister Lulu. Grandma is definitely in trouble with three little girls to spoil rotten.


Malisa said...

That photo of Bella is adorable! Glad she is doing so well! Cute cousins!

trash talk said...

That's not all she does in her flying saucer, now is it Jenn?
BTW, I have one of you just like that in your high chair...and on the side of the couch...and in the middle of the floor...and where ever you decided to go to sleep at the drop of a hat! Leaf doesn't fall very far from the tree, darlin'!

The Apiary said...

I know lets hope she didn't get my temper..And nope that is not all she does.. :P
And yes she was playing with my pants just now and feel asleep on my leg... Looked very uncomfortable.. I moved her back to her pillow..

Lauri Evans said...

precious picture of bella, jen.

The Fenner's said...

Congrats on taking her off the oxygen! I can't believe she's almost one.:)

Amanda said...

Glad to hear she's doing so well. Thanks for visiting my blog again- go ahead and wear the heels for V-Day!

time-worn interiors said...

How sweet is Bella!