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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sick Day

Daddy was sick this week.. Bella was not happy that Daddy was not holding her on Tuesday and Wednesday. So Wednesday night he put a mask on to hold her. And scrubbed up with lots of anti-bacterial soap..

Was just like we were back in the NICU.. LOL. So the house smells like Lysol from all the spraying. But so far me and Bella are not sick. Lucky for us all this is now a part of are normal house hold supplies so we have plenty on hand at all times since she was born.
I know everyone may not want to see tons of pictures of Bella sleeping.. But I am a bad momma I never started a baby book for her so this blog has become her baby book for all her first. The other night Bella did a cute trick for us. She was pulling her pacy out of her mouth and making it pop each time. And every time I said Pop Goes the Baby she would do it again and again. As Nana says she is a little monkey see monkey do these days. She is such a little performer like her Nana. Since then she has done it at least once everyday. Wanted to post the video but for some reason it does seem to want to upload.
Today she manged to pull herself up to a half way sitting positions..


Sue said...

I LOVE seeing pix's of Bella, so keep 'em coming. She looks so "old" in that first photo. It's funny how all of a sudden the little ones begin to change so fast, and Bella just keeps getting cuter and cuter each and every day.
Take care, Sue

Debra@Common Ground said...

Jen, she's so cute sitting on Daddy. Were they watching TV? We always love those Bella pictures! Her birthday sounds like it's close to mine. I'm a March 3 baby!
hugs for Bella,


Who cares what others want to see!! Haha, this is your blog to vent, show off etc.
So go on and show us hundreds of photo's your sweet baby girls face!!

I'm sorry about the blog, I just didn't realize I missed people when I took it private. Originally I had just closed it all together, I was tired of keeping up with it but then said heck, ok private, then said F-it just remain normal nor matter who you offend. If people still read, then great!!LOL.

Yes, Facebook is a thorn in my side. I just don't get peoples intent, or why they bother to contact me. I've closed that acct. like 3 times already, but I keep getting roped in.

Thank you for the kind words. Yes, being married to a Marine is not easy, but we have a strong relationship and other seem to like to judge it..but It's not about others, it's just about me, him and our daughter..nothing more. We are very happy--too bad others hate it.
well..I hope your family will be healthy soon and you all can get back to normal.

trash talk said...

Look at my precious little Alfalfa!

donna baker said...

Bella couldn't be any cuter. You've done such a great job Jenn.