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Friday, March 26, 2010

Breaking News

Graycie's going under today to have her arm re-set.. If you had read on mom's blogg Grqaycie went to the ER a few nights ago, after she fell off a small stole and broke her arm. We all have to ask what was she doing on the stoll in the first place to which Graycie responded with "watch myself sing in the mirror of course". She is her Nana.
She went yesterday to see the doctor and he did not like the job they did on setting her break in the ER. So please say a little prayer for her she will be sedated and it will be re-set today at 10AM.. Nana could use a little prayer to she hates when any of us get sedated. And special as she is miles away from her little trashett and the momma and daddy. So if you could say little prayer for our family today. Thanks



Happy to do so! Wish Graycie and family peace and and quick healing. ~ Angela

Sue said...

Poor baby! I hate when little ones, especially when they are busy break bones! At least it is an arm and she can still "perform"! I remember a few years back breaking my ankle and having a cast to my knee, and couldn't put weight on my foot. THAT totally sucked. So since Graycie is so young, here's hoping she heals very, very fast!
Take care, Sue

Shazz said...

Poor munchkin! Hope she feels better soon.