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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

OMY Goosh 2 more DAYS!!!!

THE CRAZY LADY IS DONE! OK maybe i am not done with everything but i am r very close. Which for me is a big deal. Completed Bella's birthday tutu, come on we all knew she would have a birthday tutu. Still have one special birthday crown to make. Hmm I wonder who it could be for ;)
I still can't wrap my head around Bella turning ONE on Friday. Today was the day one year ago when we found out we were have a little girl. That was one of the happiness and scary moments of my life. Who knew two days later she would be born. While this may not have been my dream pregnancy. Or what i had planed, One year later and I wouldn't change a thing. By no means am I a saint in anyway I had all the up and down emotions. Anger, sadness, fear but you can't let all that stay in your thought you have to push all the negative away and focus on the positive.
But after a year I learned a lot about myself.
I learn to take each day as they come.
I learn to be thankful for what I have even when sometimes I don't think it is enough. God always gives us just what we need.
I have learn to trust God he always has a plan and his is the plan that we follow not mine.


trash talk said...

Preach on Sister. We are blessed beyond words and saying thank you to God for letting us walk through fire and come out on the other side isn't enough. I praise His name above all others for it is through Him alone that Bella is Bella.

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

What a beautiful post! Have you heard about the blog books, it would be a great thing for Bella when she's older. I'm sure she would love to read about all the love that has been with her this past year! Glimsp of My World was bloging about it, I think, on her post yesterday, she had recieved hers, it looked pretty cool. Blessings... Daphne

Laura said...

What a wonderful summary of the good life.
I loved what you said.
Your precious baby girl is indeed a cause for celebration.


Debra@Common Ground said...

Jen, God is good, and your words are great testimony of that! I'm so excited for Bella's Birthday Bash! and I cannot wait to see her in the tutu! We all love you, your momma, and sweet Bella!
Big squeezy hugs,

The Fenner's said...

Wow, congrats on Bella being ONE. I can't believe it. Good luck with her party!

The Flying Bee said...

God is sooo good! Yay for Bella it's almost here!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Happy Birthday, you little angel!
Big birthday hugs,