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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All the World Loves a Clown..

We are so sad to see this close, Bella will be going to her first and last show on Sunday. Brandon has seen many a show with his Uncle Raymond as the puppeteer. We took Graycie to her first show when she was about 3.
Please if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend in AC with your kids come to the show. You won't be disapointed. They are so much fun for the kids and the adults.
This is my brother-in-law (no your eyes are not playing tricks on you this is not Roby I promise.)

Raymond Banda began Puppeteering in the late 90's. He started as an apprentice which allowed him to log countless hours of observing other master puppeteers and practicing his craft. Raymond currently serves as Slappy's lead pupeteer and teacher in charge of training the marionette "interns." He is also the mastermind behind the complicated party schedule at Slappy's in addition to being in charge of the box office. Beyond his many roles at Slappy's (including voice over talent), Raymond is a well respected member of the Dallas Fort Worth acting community. Slappy's has become an important part of Raymond's life. So much so that he married his wife at Slappy's Puppet Playhouse in October!

Slapp's Website Release.
Slappy's Puppet Playhouse

On June 6th, Slappy's Puppet Playhouse in the Dallas Galleria will end a successful six year run with its last performance of The Jungle Book marionette show. Owners Tiffany Riley and Dick Monday, more commonly known as the affable duo Slappy and Monday, are in the process of recreating their business to expand their ability to bring circus arts to Dallas children and families.

"We love the circus and we love sharing it with families and kids," says Riley. "Our space in the Galleria was a wonderful place to plant the seeds, but now it's time for Slappy's to grow in a different direction that is in keeping with our passion." As Riley and Monday consider their relocation options, the marionette shows will be on hiatus during the summer. However, Slappy's Variety shows and Slappy's Circus Camp will continue!
This is a great last chance oportunity. Don't miss the last show.

The Jungle Book
Friday, June 4 at 10:30, Saturday, June 5th at 10:30 & 1:00pm, Sunday, June 6th at 2:0pm.
You can also see Slappy & Monday's show on Saturday at 4:00pm
$8.00 for Kids (free for under 3)
$9.00 for Adults (over 18)

Box Office: 214.369.4849
Call for Reservations

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Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

How much fun is this? And he's in the family and talented and...well, I love it! Way cool! Hope the last shows are well attended. ~Mindy