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Friday, June 25, 2010

This is my Daddy ----

So father's day my mommy and daddy spent the day at the hospital with my Pop and they didn't' have time to let me get on to tell you about my daddy for father's day. Mommy told you about her daddy and brother but what about my turn it is my blog right!!! :)

This is our Daddy.. His name is Robert James but mommy calls him Roby.. I call him dadada..

He is the one person who can get me and Brother to both smile. He was the first person I smiled at, squealed at when he comes in the room and laughed for.

This was Father's Day last year.. Look how I have grown and my hair I got way more now and daddy has less.

He changes my dirty diapers; don't tell him but I save the poop ones just for him. I think he likes them.
He picks me up from grandma's house then take me home and gives me a yummy dinner at with extra Cheerios. Then after dinner he lets me sit by his side and watch batman cartoons; I love BATMAN Cartoons.
He loves me so much he put this mask on just so he could hold me when he was sick.

When I first came home from the NICU across his chest was my favorite place to sleep.

He is the best daddy a girl could ask for and I think I will keep him.

Hope everyone had a great father's day. And BTW my Pop is back home and doing GREAT!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Girlll...you tell it! You do have a great Daddy and Pop! ~Mindy

Malisa said...

Bella, you are a very smart girl to appreciate your Daddy so much! A girl knows a good man when she finds him!

Aunt Malisa

trash talk said...

Bella, you are a very blessed little girlie...did you know that? You have a daddy who adores you...but then who doesn't?
P.S. Let's work some more on saying na na na!


You're so lucky!! What sweet moments with your daddy.