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Friday, March 11, 2011


Did you know my birthday is tomorrow and I will be 2 years old. My mommy and daddy have been busy planing me a special party and I am so excited. Check me out over the weekend I went shopping for a big girl bed and tried some while in the store. I sure hope I get one of these; I think my Grandma got me one but I will try to act surprised when I get it. Do you think this will work do I look surprised?

Last year I had an Oh la la 1st Birthday and Carol made me the most wonderful pink poodle ooo la la cookies that I just knew I had to have my mommy and daddy get them again for my party this year.

Thanks to the wonderful work of Cookie du Monde I have the perfect birthday cookies again this year for my second birthday. Carol of Cookie Du Monde has the most to die for cookies and to top the awesome taste she hand decorated and painted each cookie specially for ME. Just got my own special cookies in the mail today for my Super Hero 2nd birthday. And look at the bows I know my mom will be making something out of those for me.

If you have not see her cookies go check her out at her blog Cookie du Monde


janet said...

hap-hap-happy birthday bella! you are a big girl! hope you get lots of presents and eat one of those adorable cookies for me! yum!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Have a sweet sweet Birthday, Dear Bella. The cookies look so wonderful and I think Nana may try and crawl in that Big Girl bed WITH you after she gets home from visiting the Mother Ship.
God Bless You, Sweetie Pie!

Sue said...

She melts my heart! Happy Birthday baby Bella!

Take care, Sue

Jena Williams, Not So Shabby Interiors said...

I cannot believe Bella is going to be 2 already, wow...does time fly! Happy Birthday beautiful little princess Bella, hope you have a great birthday and get LOTS OF COOKIES!